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From the second I got engaged, I knew I wanted a stress-free wedding, and that is exactly what i got. It is completely do-able, but too many brides get caught up in the details. 

I never wanted a big wedding. I wanted to elope when we first got engaged, but my fiancĂ© was smart and reminded me how much it would mean to share it with close friends and family. He was right (yet again!) 

I decided right then and there that our wedding would be different. It would focus entirely on the marriage rather than the wedding, because that means so much more to me than anything in the the world. 

So I planned everything in just a few weeks, wrote down everything in a notebook, and enjoyed the rest of our engagement, stress-free. 

In total, our minimal wedding was $2,290. Don't believe me? Here is the breakdown:

Wedding Venue: $0 
We are lds, so we got a freebie on this one.

Marriage License: $40
Obviously non-negotiable, I hear it's $110 in Minnesota!

My Dress: $150
Funny story, I got the dress 3 days after getting engaged haha. I scoured the internet and found a steal of a deal, $120. It fit me perfectly, so no need for tailoring. The only problem was it was completely sheer. I took it to a local tailor and had them put in nude panels for $30. Easy peasy fix :)

My Shoes: $0
From my closet.

My Ring: $340
My fiancĂ© picked it out and I love how minimal it is, and handmade by a lovely and amazingly talented friend. It is perfect for me. Ended up costing more than my dress, haha!

His Ring: $20
He doesn't want for much :)

Bouquet: $30
Just something little, simple, and clean for the photos. 

Hair and Makeup: $0

I wanted to look like myself, so I did both and I did them how I would any other day!

Suit and Shoes: $0 
Both from his closet.

Reception Venue: $0
My in-laws gorgeous backyard.

Reception Food: $1,260
The biggest cost, but we had a company cater. Zero stress and soo worth it.

Tables and Chairs: $0

Decor: $0
My lovely inlaws.

Invites: $50
Designed and hand-mailed by me. Printed at a local shop.

Engagement Photos: $400
We debated getting professional photos, but I highly suggest you do. It is one of the best things we did. Ours done by this photographer.

Day of Wedding Photos: $0
We didn't want to worry about it, honestly haha. Just lived in and enjoyed the moment :) 

The day of the wedding was one of the most calm and blissfully happy days i've ever had. There was absolutely no stress and the entire day was just a big, happy celebration of our union. I remember every part in detail and not an ounce of stress was had. There is nothing I would have changed or done differently.