Wednesday, December 20, 2017

ethical brand sseko designs

The creators over at Sseko Designs are one of the few brands that know how to combine beautiful prints and designs with ethical practices. In their own words, "Sseko products are all made in Africa and create jobs, empower artisans, and help end the cycle of poverty by building communities and economies."

What I love about Sseko Designs is that they products they make are not only ethically made, but they actually look amazing as well as being extremely comfortable. Comfort will always be my number one! 

Sseko hires women in Uganda to earn money fairly, while giving them the ability to support themselves. They currently employ 50 women in the Uganda area. 

To date, Sseko has given 87 women the opportunity to continue their education to university. Female students in Uganda are not able to go to university because of the lack of opportunity. Leadership positions there are a no-go for women.

All the clothing is handmade in East Africa, including my duster! It is made from biodegradable fabric and it even has pockets, which I love

I know it is extremely easy to distance yourself from where your clothing actually comes from. When you learn to care about the distinction between fair labor and exploited labor, paying a little extra doesn't mean anything anymore. Quality over quantity, ethics over ignorance. 

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