what I wished I hadn't packed to europe/

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Before moving to Europe, I reduced my closet to 30 items. Living on less is actually a lot easier than it seems. Check out everything I brought here

After living minimally in Europe for almost 3 months, I crossed off the things I barely or never used and wished I had left behind:

5 pairs of ankle socks - only needed 3
1 pair thick socks - hasn't been cold enough duh its summer
1 swimsuit
1 pair denim shorts 
1 nude bra
1 black bra
1 workout bra
10 pair underwear
1 pair black denim
1 pair boyfriend jeans - just haven't worn em
1 sweatshirt 
1 pair sweatpants 
4 short sleeve t-shirts 
1 hoodie - its summer, doi
1 pair yoga pants
1 workout tank
1 plaid button up
1 patagonia down jacket
1 shell jacket 
1 levis jacket 
1 black dress
1 backpack 
1 card case - not needed
1 beanie - its summer hellooo
1 pair sandals
1 pair workout sneakers
1 pair casual shoes - gave me bad blisters, never wore again

What I wished that I had brought? A hat and my linen joggers instead of the boyfriend jeans. Thats it!