Thursday, June 1, 2017

my closet while in the maldives

I am an avid believer in traveling with less. I never check a bag and only bring a backpack carry-on. Despite what the media tells you, you do not need 10+ outfits for one trip. Even if that trip is 2 weeks long (which one of mine was, and I still could have packed even lighter.) 

Going on a trip to somewhere tropical is especially one of the easiest places to pack for. You don't need any bulky items like coats or long pants, and you can get away with bringing hardly anything. 

When I went to the Maldives, I packed 6 clothing items. Obviously I had to bring my toiletries bag (which is very small), but I wore everything I brought and didn't find myself needing anything else. 

So what did I bring?

1 pair of shorts
1 swimsuit
1 beach top
1 t-shirt 
1 pair of sweatpants (for the plane)
1 pair of sandals (my fav birks)

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