a few tips for creating less waste/

/ Wednesday, May 17, 2017 /

it can be overwhelming when you are trying to do something that basically everyone sees as impossible. How can you possibly live without creating waste. Well, you have to start somewhere. I didn't just change my lifestyle overnight. It's been a very, very slow process. Bit by bit. Don't thing you need to overhaul your entire life overnight. Here are a few small changes you can start with:

use your own pen. Have a pen that you use for everything. Remember when you were in school and you had like 20 mechanical pencils that you used for everything? Ok now just downsize to one. Get a pen you really love and makes your handwriting better than it actually is.

do laundry once a week. We tend to over wash our clothes. Just because you wore a t-shirt once doesn't mean it needs to be wash. Actually the opposite.

don't dry clean. Avoid buying clothing that needs to be dry cleaned. Its a hassle anyways.

don't use straws. Refuse a plastic straw when eating out or ask for a glass instead of a disposable cup.

use reusable tote. Do your grocery shopping with reusable bags. Stay away from plastic bags at all costs. 

get glass bulk jars. Buy big glass jars or save glass jars from previous purchases to fill with any bulk items. I have an assortment of sizes for everything from pasta down to tiny jars for spices. 

avoid pre-packaged food. Buy fresh ingredients that don't need packaging. Visit your local farmers market. Find the nearest bulk food store.