my closet living in europe/

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Everything in my closet while living in Europe:

5 pairs of ankle socks
1 pair thick socks
1 swimsuit (purchased second-hand for $25.00) here
1 pair denim shorts (purchased second-hand)
1 nude bra
1 black bra
1 workout bra
10 pair underwear
1 pair black denim
1 pair boyfriend jeans 
1 sweatshirt (purchased second-hand for $4.00)
1 pair sweatpants 
4 short sleeve t-shirts (3 purchased second-hand)
1 hoodie
1 pair yoga pants
1 workout tank
1 plaid button up
1 patagonia down jacket
1 shell jacket (purchased second-hand for $65.00)
1 levis jacket (purchased second-hand for $5.00)
1 black dress
1 backpack (purchased second-hand for $35.00)
1 card case
1 beanie
1 pair sandals
1 pair workout sneakers
1 pair casual shoes (purchased second-hand for $0.25!)

Some items were purchased new, before I started avoiding it. Some were gifts. 
Buying swimwear second-hand is NOT gross, just clean them thoroughly and check for stains before purchasing. I have found some amazing vintage suits usually around $1.00 to $2.00 and no more than $5.00. 

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