why i don't paint my nails/

/ Friday, July 28, 2017 /

i haven't painted my nails in over 3 years. why? besides the obvious of them being filled with chemicals that leech into your body, my nails are healthier than ever and I'm saving BUKU bucks $$$. allow me to explain.

google told me that the average manicure cost is $20. google also tells me that most women get their nails done every 2 weeks. lets make some math mr. white.
$40 per month x 12 months per year x 50 more years in my life (because I want to die before my husband) = $24,000

let me explain what $24,000 can buy: 48 round-trip tickets to hawaii, 37 iphones, a 2017 toyota prius, or 24,000 bottles of suave shampoo (don't do that, its bad for the environment.) basically what i'm saying is that i don't really miss nail polish.