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who am I?

i'm a girl currently living in europe with my husband. We currently run two Airbnb rentals and a few other ventures in the works.  

am I vegan?

i was vegetarian for a while, vegan for a bit after that, and then vegetarian again. Currently I would consider myself someone who loves vegetables and eats certain kinds of meat (i.e. bacon) if it is local and untreated. 

do I have any diet restrictions?

i do not have any diagnosed dietary restrictions. I do, however, avoid certain foods that I know my stomach isn't the best at handling.

where do I buy clothing?

this is a list of my favorite places to shop including physical stores, online, second-hand and brand new.

where do I buy food?

there are a few small, local bulk stores near my home (one is a block away, thank heavens!) and I keep everything in glass jars. I try my best to make my own butter and milk. While we are living in Europe, I go to the local market a few blocks away which is open almost everyday. 

what products do I use to clean and do laundry with? 

the products I am using are in this zero waste cleaning post. The Simply Co. here makes a stellar laundry detergent if you don't want to make your own.

what do I use to take the photos?

photos are taken with mostly my iphone 7+ and sometimes my husbands work camera (a mark 3 I think?

do I accept advertisers? 

i currently have no ads on my site, but I do use affiliate links.

do I have any kind of guide for Utah?

check out our utah guide link for outdoor recommendations in our hometown area. Southern Utah is the best!

what beauty/personal care products do I use?

check out the ever-growing list of products on the beauty page here

how to contact you?

for business inquiries, email minimalmesscontact@gmail.com