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If you are interested in being more conscious when making clothing purchases, here is a list of mindful brands for new clothing:

patagonia    outdoor wear & gear

everlane    modern, minimal wear for men & women

christy dawn   floral dresses  

bayou with love    womenswear

groceries apparel    basics for men & women

lloyd clothing   minimal design womenswear

slate + salt   accessories & home goods

siizu     womenswear

sseko designs     womenswear & accessories

kayu design     bags

mat + nat     bags & accessories

re/done     reworked vintage denim for men & women

reformation    womenswear

stella mccartney    luxury wear for men & women

And for second-hand clothing:

First and foremost: Local consignment & thrift stores! Google them! Get familiar with them!!      I have been buying & selling on here since I was 14.       Handmade and vintage one-of-a-kind items.   Luxury consignment if you like designer clothing.     Another luxury consignment site.   Re-worked vintage like Nike and Calvin Klein.

icons    A hand-picked vintage line carried at Barneys.   Vintage brands like Fila, Adidas, Nike, Champion. 

poshmark app     Most of the time you can find things for dirt cheap.

depop app      Lots of unique, vintage stuff. They pride themselves on that. 

mercari app      Just like Poshmark and Depop.