Wednesday, May 17, 2017


'the true cost' documentary  here
'food inc.' documentary    here
'chasing ice' documentary   here
'just eat it' documentary   here
'minimalism' documentary   here
'fed up' documentary   here
'sugar coated' documentary   here
'the human experiment' documentary    here
'before the flood' documentary   here
'given' documentary   here

'man walks nyc wearing his trash'  here
'the myth of the ethical shopper' Michael Hobbes   here
'unpaid workers hide tag in clothes' here

short videos/talks:
'why I live a zero waste lifestyle' Lauren Singer  here
'lessen your impact, improve your life' Lauren Singer   here
'tough truths about plastic pollution' Dianna Cohen   here
'the surprising thing I learned sailing solo' Ellen MacArthur  here
'sea of plastic' Charles Moore   here
'tesla solar roof launch' Tesla   here
'garbage island: an ocean full of plastic' Vice   here

'the life-changing magic of tidying up' Marie Kondo   here
'spark joy' Marie Kondo   here
'more of less' Joshua Becker   here
'joy of less' Francine Jay   here

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